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18 + 57 Facts and Truth

Jun 5, 2012 1:29 AM
As we pass the 24 hour mark here at the hospital, I thought I’d lay out the current facts of the situation:
-Kristi has an infection that continues to keep her heart rate up, a low grade fever going and red areas persisting on her chest.
-She is receiving antibiotics via IV at regular intervals in an effort to knock the infection down. If she can be fever free for 24 hours she can go home.
-If the infection persists, we will have to make a decision on surgical removal of the tissue expanders that were put in during the original surgery on May 1st as part of the preliminary reconstruction process. The current thought process from the medical team is that the infection is likely a result of bacteria on the surface of those devices.
-If the expanders have to come out, Kristi will have to heal up again before she can continue her chemotherapy.
-As the hours click by, Kristi is resting comfortably but there is no change in the infection.

I made a fast trip to the house this morning to clean up and gather more gear for our longer than expected stay. While there I could feel myself starting to get amped up about this curve ball in her recovery and the looming decision about the expanders. Our Father gently reminded me to take a chill pill and walk in faith, not fear.

While praying with a friend this evening the Spirit brought to mind these truths:
-The wounds of Jesus provided for Kristi’s healing. Is 53:5
-Jesus finished his work and now sits at the right hand of the Father where he has opened access for us to the sanctuary, to the Father’s lap. Heb 10:12-24
-the Kingdom of heaven does not have any sickness or death in it. Jesus beat both in his resurrection power. Rev 21:4
-Kristi has been seated with Christ in the heavenly places having been given everything she needs for life and godliness. Eph 2:4-7
-Jesus himself is truth. John 14:6 He is truth with flesh on. He’s solid, personal and alive.

When Truth came face to face with the facts of death and disease guess which one did the about face? That’s right. In the presence of Truth, facts changed…lame muscles leapt with strength, mute tongues wagged, blinded eyes saw the light, withered hands blossomed to wholeness and a dead little girl filled her lungs with the breath of life. The facts of disease are transformed by the Truth of Life.

Jesus commanded us to continue his work, to train everyone to do what he did. Eph 2:10, Matt 28:18 He said we’d do greater things than He. John 14:12

I saw it happen first hand while in Romania in late February this year for a mission trip. My father prayed over a woman in her mid twenties who’s right leg was about one inch shorter than the other. During her breach birth, the doctor had pulled her leg out of socket and then cast it incorrectly for the first six months of her life. She had walked on the ball of her foot to avoid a limp ever since and routinely experienced significant pain during exercise. But before our very eyes we watched Truth transform her facts. Her legs became the same length, her hip was healed and at the end of the week she testified that she had no pain during exercise! Two weeks later while conversing via Facebook, she told me she had been able to run around outside after the snow had melted. She was so thrilled to have legs the same length, it made such a difference, “so amazing!” she exclaimed!

I made a video about Christina’s healing. Let me set the stage: My father and I spent a week training students at a YWAM base in Cluj, Romania. They were preparing to go on a mission trip and we provided instruction regarding spiritual warfare which we started off with prayer for healing. Truth was present and everyone’s lives were changed. Several students and staff received healing with Christina’s being the most dramatic.

That’s why I pray like I do and ask you to join me in praying for Kristi’s facts to be confronted with and conformed to Truth:
B-Gone, B-9, B-Healed
Click here for the Video.